Friday, May 10, 2013

Edisto Beach Fun Day

My friend and I spent the day at the beach. It was a week day
 and not many people there yet.
We just hung out and enjoyed the company,
ate lunch and hung out some more.
A beautiful day, a beautiful beach, and a fun day.
This is where we ate lunch/shrimp meal.

Looking around.
The hair is wind blown, but I love the colors.
Sea Shell Searching.
Oh no, the top and bottoms are off.

Think I'll go in and get my feet wet.

Friends Feet and Flip Flops

lovely picture.

Oops, the hat wants to fly away.

The hat lands safely.

Pretty colors, all in a row.

My friend coming to see what I am up to.

In the pilings.

This living creature is in the pilings and about the size of a quarter.

Looks like I found my hat, but what about the flip flops.

I love the way the water is caught on camera mid air.

Getting ready to splash.

More "cool" water.

Sea Creature.



The sand is HOT HOT HOT.


I'm not sure who these people are, but I love this picture.

"My little man" camera fun.

Two dogs and a man.

Puppy paws.

Two well behaved dogs.

Pretty as a picture.

Calm waters.

With a  little splash.

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