Saturday, February 16, 2013

Handmade Christmas Stockings

My handmade Christmas  stockings 2012.
These are all handmade with love.
Some are kits, some counted cross stitch, and some from coloring book
turned embroidered.
Eleven stockings hanging this year.

This one is made using several patterns together.
It's embroidered and the Fairy came from a drawing.
Close up.
Counted Cross stitch, showing the shading of the clock.

Santa taking a nap.

The fur on the coat is "looped" thread.
This one is a tapestry kit.


Notice the Star Trek symbol I added for my son in law. 

This is from a coloring book with some additions.

This counted cross stitch has an added red bow on the teddy bear.

Close up and some beads.

See the red garland? It's strung beads.

Feel warm? A bowl of pop corn too.

I used a burgundy broad cloth for all the ruffles.
I thought it would be easy to match in years to come
with the hopes of another grandchild and the need of another stocking.
So far I have been able to find it at the fabric store.

This one is a kit.

Close up.

A little added beads and the yellow flower are braids for scrapbooking.

Blue beads and some ribbon holding the ornament.

Coloring book page.

The bird is a charm.

The toys on the bottom are buttons.

See the blue airplane button.

ANGELA is made with beads.

See how the trim all matches the others.

Candles are shining bright, and the hearts have a pearl sewn on them.

Many mini stitches of love.


This one is mine with gold trim.

Her smile looks a little funny here.
A cameo effect.

This one is my husbands on the right you can see the burgundy trim that matches
the burgundy ruffle on the girls stockings.
This one is counted cross stitch.

Close up of hand made tassel.

When my son was small, I had done all the family a stocking except mine.  We didn't have children in laws at that time.  I hadn't had time to do one for me yet, so he was concerned that momma didn't have a (homemade) stocking for Santa to fill
so he came up with this one and brought it to me and said now you have a homemade one too. How sweet. I store this one in my homemade one, and every year  I pull it out and display it too.

Hand sewn, printed fabric and the name Maggie is freestyle handwritten
with a quilt permanent marker.  This one is for my husbands doggie.
Maggie 10 weeks.
Maggie 12 months
SC state dog Boykin Spaniel .

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