Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spoon Garden Markers

We've tried wooden  garden markers  (they rot)
We've tried  plastic jugs  cut into strips (they blow away)
After a few seasons the plastic gets crumbly too.
This year I have taken some forks  and   spoons, like these.
that I had left over from my cabinet spoon pulls project.
I hammered them flat as I could using a regular hammer.
This is real simple.  Of course my husband wanted to let me think
it would be difficult, using the right
 hammer/sledge/vice/channel lock pliers?
Won't he be surprised when he helps with the  gardening this year and I pull these
beauties out, then he realizes he isn't the one who did them.

I didn't have to do any hammering to the forks, I just
sand papered them to ruff them up like the   spoons,
and used a  permanent  marker, wrote the name of
the vegetable to be planted.

I used a clear spray  paint, just to make sure it doesn't
rub off.  I think they will last for a long time.
I really didn't have to "hammer" the  spoons to flatten them out,
I could have written on them when they were round. I just liked
the way this looked better.

Some people use a metal stamp to indent the letters,
I like my handwriting and maybe they will be passed
down to my children.


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  1. Update, the Sharpie marker does not work, I will have to use the metal stamper.