Friday, March 8, 2013

If This Ain't Country

These pictures come from a gathering at my mom's house,
there was an old shed that needed to come down and some of
the things are still in the yard, waiting on a  new home.
I was sitting across the table from my nephew Matt when I snapped this one.
I think this is going in the garden.
 How cute this would be
if some wide boards were attached about the width of
a bench, and set up in the vegetable garden, a place to rest.


This is copied after a local country store in the area.

Duck Dynasty.

I don't think these are safe to eat.

Wow, look at all the rust, but yet the outside of the coffee can isn't rusted.
I guess that coffee can has been sitting in that ole toolbox for many years.

This one has been around for a while.

My brothers rooster.

A painting I did for my mom many years before my brothers rooster came into the picture.
This is not intended to look like the real rooster.

Window to abandoned home.
Another window.

Garden  rake, waiting to be put to use.

This 1/2 brick might come in handy for something, I thought it looked interesting.
Bowling pins, what can we do with these?

Country  fence  post.

Seems to be falling down.

Wonder if anything is in this old barn.

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