Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Neck Tie Easter Egg Dye

This looks like a bit of a mess at first.
I couldn't believe how easy these were.
I've seen this posted on  the  internet  and thought
 I would give it a try.
It is real easy and great end results.
there is a basket of the beauty waiting to be unwrapped.

A little mommy juice.

Just before the unveil.

The surprise when the first egg was unwrapped.

Here's one of the finished eggs and the tie used to dye it.

Close up, you can see where the tie didn't touch the egg completely.

Another view.

Oh so pretty.

I only did five this time.

Look at all the detail that transferred.

So pretty.

Awesome eggs.

These are regular chicken eggs.  They are wrapped in the silk tie,
then boiled.  You can find lots of sites on this.

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