Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Upcycling Pink Polka Dot Mouse Pad

 I got an old mouse pad, and wanted to change the look of it, so here we go.
 Here I have measured the fabric about 3/4 inch larger than the pad.
 This is the Heat n Bond product I use on the back of the fabric. It comes with good directions, if you follow the instructions on the package it works great.  It's fast and easy.

 You can see the pencil mark where I  drew a line around the pad for applying the Heat n Bond.  It's just a guide line.
 Just wanted to show my cute pink daisy pencil I used .
 Ironing the bond on the back side of the fabric.
 After the bond has cooled I start peeling the paper backing to expose the bond that will be ironed onto the pad.
 I have ironed the fabric on the pad and used scissors to trim it flush.
 Here, I show my new lap top sleeve that my husband gave me with my new lap top this year, the sleeve came with a piece of foam, to keep its shape, I use it for a little more protection, but I didn't like the white foam showing, so I hade to cover it.  I just made a "pillow case" style envelope, {fitted} and hand stitched the opening closed
 I have my S. C. tote bag for my lap top carrier, the large rectangle in the upper right of picture is the "foam", the circle is my pad,  and I have the cute daisy pink pencil holding my sleeve open so the polka dots can be seen.
 Here we can see it all, along with the mouse and zippered bag I made for holding my cords.
 Finally here is the cute wireless mouse my husband gave me with the lap top, he's so thoughtful.
 The mouse "sleeping bag" is one I made.  I actually thought of making a pink polka dot one, but for now I think I will keep this one, maybe if I find some black fabric with pink polka dots, I'll make a new one, but for now, this one will do.
 The mouse is all tucked in and the cover is snapped closed.
 Getting all matched up.