Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cast Iron Pan Before and After

I bought this cast iron pan at a yard sale with tons of build up on it.

I put it in the oven with the self clean cycle on.

the oven baked off the build up

When I took it out of the oven, it all flaked off.

this is it all brushed off and washed up.

Inside the pan, looks like new.

I couldn't believe my eyes

Ready to use now.

Run your oven for an hour or two.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Columbia Antique Mall

My husband and I visited this place in Columbia, SC, Pretty neat stuff.

Watch Dog & Cola Bottles

Lots to look at

Open, Santa, Barber Pole

Bread, Cookies, Hot Dogs


Tag says: do not touch, Well I just had to see what was inside, and "Ding Ding Ding", the darn thing made noise.


Hanging from the ceiling 

Pretty Blue

Lots and Lots of Rugs

Price for the rocky horse

Base Ball Bats

More Pretties 

Gideon, also my Grandson's name.

I just love silver

More Silver

More Color

Rust, wonderful colors


Same Blue from a distance

Photo Album, had old photos in it 

Photo of handsome man

Pretty Pose 

Here I stand with the Dolls

Lady Lamp

Hat Boxes



Party Dress

Porch Post

Cute set up

Blue and White

The Passing Show


Cows in Love


Ice Skate 

Folk Art Horse

Pay Phone


Classic Kitty

Quilt/lots of love and work

Terracotta and Blue


Ivory and Black

Inside the Piano 

Piano parts


more color

Love the Blue

Shadows and Color

Front of Store

Blues/reminds me of an afghan my momma made.

Silver and Blue

Lovely blue and red color with the sun shining in.


Greens in the store window

Citrus Juicer Green

Mi Ladies

So Pretty

Typewriter Keys

Is it the Bat Phone?

Love the Blues

Love the aqua Blue


Red cups 

Lots of Color with the sun shining in.



Wonder how many pie shells and cookies these have rolled out?

Music Album covers

Rose Candle Holder

Yellow Rose Candle Holder

Wow, what a collection 

Where do you store your third grill?