Sunday, January 6, 2013

Junk Drawer Clean Up

 1st drawer  - (before) the cleanup
 1st drawer  - (after) the cleanup
As you can see,  peanut  butter  cookies  were made earlier that day
(before) 2nd drawer
(after) drawer #2
Here's drawer #3  (before) and (after) won't be much I can do here, it's my husbands drawer never the less, I'm gona give it a go....the "go" went down, I didn't even try.
Brave enough to tackle drawer #4 ? (before)
drawer #4 (after)
Look at the beauty I found, this eraser hasn't been used since my
 kids were in school that had to be at least 1998 or there bouts.
Wow 15 years. By the way, I kept it.
Lets see how much of this I can get back in the drawer or moved somewhere else...this mostly came out of 2 drawers.
Here's a neat recipe booklet I found in the bottom of the pile
 Strom Thurmond served for 48 years as a United States Senator. Thurmond represented
South Carolina, where I was born and raised in South Carolina
This recipe booklet was given to me by my mother in law.
Inside of booklet
Things that got thrown away includes, spice jar shaker top, four candles; will be given to a friend who makes candles, a phone charger, ball, bad battery, small amount of floral tape, oh another battery, cable clip(I kept the clip), kite string, chain of some sort, stamps, greenbax stamp, piece of plastic something, key chains, broken clothes pin; I was going to use as a "wooden iron" for quilting, two cigars, a menu for the meat market, and maybe one or two more things.
Here's the 9 ft. section of cabinets that I straightened up the drawers. I try hard to keep this counter top clean, it's not always easy. Notice my drawer pulls.  I'll blog about those another time.
Sneak Peak

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  1. I'm in the process of redoing my closet! (actually..have finished and will get pics up on blog..asap)