Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Things you might find at the beach.
Let me explain this parking sign at the beach, no less.
 The drinking water is not for drinking.
The fire department has a well located at the station,
Anybody, renting, living, vacationing, or day visiting
is welcome to bring their "jugs", containers to fill them with drinking water free of charge.
 Water parking sign

Findings at the beach after a storm.

Beach/seashell combers.

My ship's about to come in.

My ship's leaving.


My husband and grandson, headed to the water.

Beach towels.

Beach access #37.

He can't seem to find his canoe.

Pretty colors.

Blue Crab stealing bait.

Kick those shoes off and lets get in the water.

Aww Sweethearts.

You might even find a goofy sister at the beach.

This is a gorgeous site.

Two sand pails with water in them.

Sea things, but no fish. 

You will even find clothes pins at the beach

Lucky 7.

Sand dollar steeping stone.

The short pear and pavilion.

Uoo, my chair awaits me.

People ants on my coffee cup at sunrise.

Someone forgot their flip flops yesterday.

Another nice site.

This picture looks so vintage to me.

Someone built a sand castle, nice.



Sand pails with mud in them.

Waiting on a fisherman.

More flip flops.

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