Monday, March 17, 2014

Remake of Guest Room

Guest Room Redo Bear With Me, Before and After.
the floors started rocking and rolling/ they got rotten more than we knew until we started the redo.
This used to be my Sewing Room/Guest Bed
The start of a big mess
Love the old tong and grove boards, but they had to go. No insulation. I love, the old door knob.
big mess
Room seems to be striped out.
Just to the left of the photo, where the blue bucket and plumbing is, will be the half bath.
What a overhaul.
Sad to see the tong and grove go, but it had to.
No my house isn't this dirty everywhere, well, not any more.
The half bath is coming along.
view to the hall way on the left and the half bath on the right.
Notice how low the old door handle was, we will reuse this door for the
 sliding pocket bathroom door. This door will be blocked off.
Starting to paint bathroom area.
Floors are in.
Meanwhile, we had to put the bed else where, can't lean it on its side, the inner springs might fall and get outa wack.
Things were stacked and packed everywhere.
More out of the old sewing room.
Things are everywhere.
More stacked and piled.
Only room for a mouse in the pathway.
We walked around things for weeks.

 Some bathroom decoration.
 We used spray paint Oil Rubbed Bronze on all the sink fixtures.
 Bed side table

How fitting, the picture is entitled, Weekend at Grandmas. How Perfect.
 Hat boxes I recovered with wall paper.
 My "girl" will go on the wall in the "Powder Room"
 I love this piece we found many years ago. It has wire window screen in the door, I am thinking of replacing it with chicken wire.
Close up
 It's not full yet, just waiting to put the perfect things in it.
The top of the Red and Green cabinet. the shadow shows up nicely on our 9 ft. ceilings.
 The cabinet sitting in the nook of the Guest room.


The Roman shades and Window Shaw is not up yet.

 This is a TV cabinet my son in law made, since then we have a different one, I just love it painted and in the room for my quilts and afghans.
 Just another view, the open is the pocket door opening.
Almost there.
A gift from a special friend

 Roman shade from Lowes about $20.00. Window shawl from JCP also about $20.00 
 The Magnolia painting I did a few years back.

A view of the Powder room and pocket door.

I think the flash on my camera changed the color of the wall, this is some of my late Aunt's dress gloves and hankies, I found the "Strawberry shortcake" frame at the Good Will, and out with S.S.C. and repurpose the frame, Perfect.

The lace is from the 70's out of my sewing stash, and the Rose ornaments are just beautiful.

My late Mother in Law's blue nob vase, and starfish garland in a birdcage.

We found this lamp shade at Lowes on sale for only $3.oo. My husband spotted it.  The Magnolia Pillows are a gift from my son many years ago. 

 A throw pillow, I made with a quilt pattern called Flying Geese.
 Here's a close up of the quilt I made and hand quilted, The fabric was given to me by another friend.
A gift from my daughter for mothers day one year.





  1. It's so much prettier in person! I know you are proud and exhausted.

  2. Mary, you are so right in your comment. We still have one more room to go. More on that later.