Monday, March 17, 2014

Accent Chair,Dog Ottoman,Toss Pillows Reupholstered

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So we decided that our Boykin Spaniel needed her own bed to sit near ours. I found this "ugly" out dated Ottoman at a Habitat Restore, I gave $15.00 for it. I also had a "plan"
Doggie Bed
This is the fabric we chose to recover it, and it was pretty easy to do.
A dog bedding should be washed sometimes,  so I wanted a slip cover we could put in the wash every now and then. So she actually sleeps on the cotton cover, but I can take it off and wash it. She is happy with it.
Accent Chairs
The one on the left (green) is the way they looked before re-upholstering them, as there was nothing wrong with it, the way it was, I preferred to cover it in something that would "match" our living/dining room, when the room is finished.
The beginning of the "tear down"
Off comes the back.
Pulling this off really takes muscles. I had to get help with this.
Pull, Pull, Pull.

Here they sit at the foot of our bed, but they will go in the new room.
I still have another one to redo, but it's on (hold) for the time. We are too busy with the remodel of the room that they will go in.

 Throw Pillows
 We didn't really need new ones, but I had the time and fabric so I made these covers, and soon got tired of them, I think because it they are more summery looking and if was fall when I did them.

 Close up of the pillow.

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