Saturday, February 16, 2013

My gift for momma's 86th birthday

This measures 16X20 and its doodle art I made for my momma.
I have all momma's great grand children's hand outline
 (the ones I could get)
some of the mothers couldn't get them to me, so I used proxies.
Around the edges I have the names of momma's
 children/children in laws,
Grand children/grand children in laws.

For the most part, I have brothers and sisters stacked,
 in some cases
 I have cousins stacked there also.

See the tiny hand outline in the top right hand corner,
that is one of the proxies.

I think the "doodle art" should be all filled in, but I didn't want it to be
too much or to hard on momma's eyes.

The two on the far left are my grand children's hands.

Momma's children and their spouse have a heart in-between them,
then a circle comes next to separate their children/in laws.
The leaf design comes after each of her children.
Sort of to divide the families.

The spirals really show up nicely.

I have a grand niece with MS and they couldn't get her to
open her hand flat, so this is hers curled up at the knuckles.
I think this is precious.

Here is my momma's 86 year old hand outline.
The roses you see have no significance, just to fill in
some empty space.
This has a total of 47 names/hand outlines/ and proxies.
It took me about 30 hours of actual ink-doodling.
I gave this to momma today and she loved it.  This is her hand.

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